Surgical Mask

surgical mask, The State Department made the announcement on Sunday, citing tests given before the Americans boarded the planes. Speaking via Skype, Smith, who refused to get on those planes, told Henry on Monday, “We didn't believe the conditions were safe to break the Japanese quarantine and put us all together in those conditions and, in fact, now having learned that they put 14 infected persons on the planes, we're all the more glad that we remained.”

surgical mask - Smith, an American lawyer, said he and his wife are “both well.” “We have no symptoms of the virus, no cough, no fever and we're feeling fine,” he said. PENTAGON TO EXTEND AVAILABILITY OF 4 MILITARY BASES TO HELP WITH CORONAVIRUS EFFORTS: OFFICIAL He added that they both have been tested for the coronavirus. “We haven't received results yet, but we have no reason to expect we're infected,” he said. When asked about the conditions on the ship, Smith said, “Princess has done a wonderful job of providing the conditions for a quarantine.”

surgical mask, “We’ve been in our cabin for two weeks, but we are fed three meals a day and additional food beyond that, provided fresh linens and towels upon request, so the condition inside the cabin is really no different than it was during the cruise, it’s just there’s no option to get outside the cabin.” When Henry asked Smith how they are passing the time, he said, “Frankly, boredom is the least of our problems because from within a few days of the quarantine beginning, I reactivated my dormant Twitter account and my days are filled with communicating with friends and talking to journalists all over the world.

surgical mask - “So we've been anything but bored during this time of the quarantine,” he continued. The quarantined passengers who were earlier found to be sick with the virus have been hospitalized in Japan. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Italy are planning similar flights for their citizens. Fox News’ Danielle Wallace and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

surgical mask - Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel discusses the spreading of the coronavirus and the health concerns involved. A megachurch in Singapore that boasts a congregation of 16,000 announced Sunday it is moving its worship to an online forum, halting all services in person due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the city-state. Fear continues to spread in the international travel hub where two new cases were announced Monday, bringing the total to 75. As officials have yet to announce the halting of the CONID-19 virus, City Harvest Church announced they will no longer meet in person.